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Last Days Of April

This song is by With Fire and appears on the album The Neverending Road - Demo (2004).

Autumn is gone - but won't blur
Winter is near - degradation
Spring is not in sight
Poisoned memories will never fade
Tears begin to flow again her eyes are soaked and darkness chokes her lungs
The final words he said won't leave her ears and kill her dreams
They kill her dreams

Silence and fear are the most protective shields for him
Forcing victims to endure while culprits marching on
But this is not a fucking game, he is guilty, HE IS GUILTY
These scars won't heal and he is guilty
These wounds won't heal
She won't forget and he is fucking guilty

KILL SILENCE - to fight this nightmare, to smash this fucking pain
KILL SILENCE - he is guilty, he is guilty
KILL SILENCE - these are the last days of April
But when silence will last we all die with hands tied

"Jede dritte Frau wird gemäss der UNIFEM in ihrem Leben einmal vergewaltigt,
Geschlagen, zum Sex gezwungen oder auf andere Weise misshandelt."

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