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A Solid Breakdown

This song is by With Fire and appears on the album The Neverending Road - Demo (2004).

Being part of a plastic life between a boiling mass of anger
Empty promises served in full reinforced by lies and tiring words
Cheating ourselves with blocked ears while starring into the sun
Trying to impress others with fashion and status

Seconds and minutes and hours and days, TIME IS PASSING

Why has it to be me inside these fucking walls
Walls I claimed to break down, I'm trapped in an empty room
Impressing others with platinum instead of showing a heart of gold
I can't live this, I full on reject it

But why is it so hard to say
"Just another great day"
Just like a punch into my face
Everyday I see life passing by
Just like a spit into my face
When will we learn to live free
Our live!

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