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The Razor That Kissed Your Skin

This song is by With Dead Hands Rising and appears on the album Behind Inquisition (2003).

You were the last one to bleed bone dry.
Cut as deep as conscious.
Writhing at the site of the wound.
Your only as human as one who sheds there skin.
No remorse for ones who decide to shed their skin.
As if you were the king of the living dead.
With no time for friendship.
With no time for sorrow.
And still your choking on isolation.
Choking of hope.
As time keeps passing.
You will rot here for a lifetime.
Choking of hope.
Where will you stand.
When all things come crashing in a sight that's clouded by the essence of sleeping pills.
With each second.
I have laughed at your demise.
You pay the price.
A living demon with no time for palpitation.
Reminiscing on the skin you left on the bedroom floor.
You cannot be reborn to be alive.
The time has come to regain what was lost.
The time has come to give life to this shallow empty corpse.
Razors kiss your lips tonight.
The joke was on you this time. Laughing. Choking at you.
When your taking me for granted.
The time has come to remain lifeless.
No blood to the veins.
Painting his face with decay.
Without a moral restraint.
And still your choking on isolation.
Thinking choking of hope.
I will not die for your thoughts.

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