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Behind Inquisition

This song is by With Dead Hands Rising and appears on the album Behind Inquisition (2003).

Manifesting filthy bastards.
Giving me my last intentions.
Extinguish the only fire burning form the bowels of disgust.
I am external.
Spreading like a virus through your windows.
Now you see me. Now you don't.
You seem accustomed to the ones you have emotionally dissected before.
Covered in white.
A disguise for the nameless to keep us in silence.
Without a sign of hope.
I will carve out my heart to engage what we live for.
Your downfall. To engage what we live for.
Everyday I can only become what defies you.
In my wake of torment.
That queues lethargic to the tongue.
Disease encrypts its way into the states of your consciousness.
Tearing. Consuming everything that we hold close to sanity.
Remains of what once was a silence.
To overcome what defies us.
Devise a plan for lethargic designs of deception.
Life taking from life.
Is this the answer that feeds us technology down to the science.
Pray for decay.
With a design that resembles a modern day-face suicide.
Take no precautions.
When the storms hits you'll feel the angst of an angels remorse.
Covered in earth. Soil and disgust.
Without a conscience to possess your own digital lifestyle.
Found you encased in this dead air.
Burned into the mind.
No more signals. No more saviors.

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