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How To Cook 40 Humans

This song is by Witches With Dicks and appears on the album Manual (2007).

Are you one of those kids who lucked out never been thrown outside and shit on, or one of those kids who fucked up all the time? we all know those kids who fucked up thinking everyone's against them that's just the way they are and I'm not gonna try to change them. droppin' out with the silver spoon in your mouth. findin out it's not the worst that could have happened. are you one of those kids with closed eyes, taking the free ride, no second thoughts or doubts in their minds. are you one of those kids whod skate by never had to apply their heart to something that wasn't a sure thing. finding out there's worse than what you been handed. WE ARE THOSE KIDS WHO FUCKED UP. always had the upper hand, living under their demands, always had the upper hand

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