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The Streams Of Red

This song is by Witchbane and appears on the album Soldiers Of Hell (1999).

Hark, I have sworn to praise the black arts forever
To battle until the end for the storm of malevolent darkness
For several time no I have opened the streams of red
Not to get lost in his limitless empire

Another age has arozen from the shadows below
Meanwhile wisdom spreads like autumnal storms through me

I have discovered so many secrets unknown before
Fierce dust lays down on my eyes
I am so blind that I can't see anymore the world of those feeble souls
But it is not of interest for me, for! all the ones at the ground of my heart

"Thou, who dwelleth in darkness, am I the one I have sought for all the years?"

Dressed in black I walk the paths into the forest of no return
I gaze into the moon and breathe sulphurous winds of impurity
I do open the streams of red again
And for the last time I stand above the chasm to nights'birth

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