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Sign Of Satan

This song is by Witchbane and appears on the album Soldiers Of Hell (1999).

Hail thy, satanic majesty

Blood will rain from the heaven high and the angels will be drowned
In blood they shall be suffocated, they shall die thousand times

No mercy upon the Bastard ones!

For many years now I have been withering in silence
I have tasted the damnation! s kii so enormously
And I have felt the wrath of the elder ones in my veins

But I have learned to be a king and to rule the legion
And united we will have vengeance upon the usurpers

I am prepared to march into a glorious war to lead the legions
Into heaven and to regain the throne that is mine and will forever be

I do pass away into spectral dimensions to the ones I have been near for long time
There I have been seeking for the answer, but I haven't found it yet

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