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When All Hope Is Lost

This song is by Witch-Hunt and appears on the EP Prophecies Of A Great Plague (1996).

In the twilight,
The faint echos of despair,
Waft through my open window - as the snow
Descends softly to the earth - where are you?
Now I know that the sun will still rise
Without you here with me,
I've lost all hope.
How I remember the way we spoke,
The night before you died,
Even then I realilized, I'd never
Meet another quite like you.
...As the dusk replaces the day,
A part of my life is silently stifled -
I've lost all hope.
You were stricken, chilled wind
Came out of a cloud, torn away from me.
I was weeping, as the color faded
From the elaborate realm
Of peace we called our home -
There you were - totally devoid of life,
My mind raced with the thoughts of yesteryear,
Why has this tragedy befallen me?
Will this all show itself to be a dream?
Awakened by a scream, visions of,
The way in which the tears streamed down your face.
I never said goodbye, I couldn't speak
Trying to form the words, just one last smile.
My life has come to pass
Now the hour has come,
My liberation from this world
As the sun beams into my dwelling,
I draw my last breath.

(Written by brian straight)