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This song is by Witch-Hunt and appears on the EP Prophecies Of A Great Plague (1996).

Have you ever looked inside yourself?
Do you really know if you exist?
Are you all actually singular beings?
Or are we just, fragments of someone elses dreams?
A seamless patchwork of fantasy,
At the edge of infinity
Suspended animation's dynasty
I have often pondered my purpose in this life,
Desperate quest for truth
Are there absolute wrongs or rights?
Moral values redefined I'm freed of guilt,
Consious of my own demise,
My fleeting time intrudes upon my memories of life,
Hasn't been quite as it seems,
Distinct plateaus of my infancy,
Derined from my present state of being,
Segments of my mind, are withered away.
It's as if places never have occoured.
What became of my will? clouded by thought,
Drowned by tears that reflect a lost part
Of my world.
Lives of the past trancend to lore,
Erased from existence forevermore.
Dreamscapes await the soulless land,
Impending disaster now at hand.
While the heaven's reveal a fallen paradise,
Do we have predetermined lives?
Are we only to die?
Is there a universal truth,
This has burdened me since my youth.
Lies. a semless patchwork of of fantasy.
At the edge of infinity.

(Written by brian straight)

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