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Conjuring The Undivine

This song is by Witch-Hunt and appears on the EP Prophecies Of A Great Plague (1996).

At the cemetery
Fog decends upon the graces
The witching hour,
Ressurecting those left unsaved.
Ancient slumber broken, await the sign.
Age old spells respoken, conjure the undivine.
Unrested demons set free
Take flight again
Women and children weeping, this is the end.
Caskets breaking
Hands arise from the underground
Hear them chanting,
Evil in chorus - a ghastly sound.
The skies crack, the seas swell,
Flashes of lightning illuminate the atmosphere
The fear spreads like a plague.
Phenomena of otherworldly energy
Watch the clouds, spread as though enchanting.
Witness the way, in which we meet our doom.
Surmounted victory, solemn assembly of souls gaze on
Cracking laughter, forever smitten is the light.

(Written by brian straight)