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​Sail Away

This song is by Wishing Chair and appears on the album Stand Up 8 (2009).

I will tell you a story.

Its sad, but its true.

How two people made one

Could again be made two.

There were cracks in our corners

While we held our breath.

Now we're both disappointed

And we both did our best.

But the angels inside us

Were pulling the tides.

And the waters keep rising but

We closed our eyes.

We closed our eyes.

Chorus: Sail

Sailing away


Sailing away

Now there's too many heartaches

That we cannot name.

And there's too many reasons

To every lay blame.

I hold to that beauty

I see in your face.

And I trust your intentions.

I'm trusting in grace.

Some have to question.

They can't understand.

How I could be holding

My old lover's hand,

My old lovers hand.

As we move through these changes

We'll all improvise.

And we both want the best

For the rest of our lives.

And I want to thank you

For all of the ways

That you've made my life happy, added

Joy to my days.

Know I will love you

The best that I can.

And I'll stand beside you.

I'll be your friend.

I am your friend

Till we sail...

Chorus out.