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Wait Out The Storm

This song is by Wishbone Ash and appears on the album Illuminations (1996) and on the compilation album Tracks 3 (2007).

There's a light in the distance burning faithfully.
Can't you show your resistance to the enemy?
Make your way under cover of night.
You brave bad weather and you hold on tight.
See the light in the distance burning faithfully.

Why don't you see it burn, it's plain as day.
When will you ever learn that it's better this way.
You point a finger and you turn your back -
There's no disguise for the faith you lack.
There's a light in the distance burning faithfully.

The pale blue yonder is calling me.
These days I wonder where you'll go
And what you'll be.

Wait out the storm, that's all that you can do.
Praying for dawn, let the bell ring true.

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