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The Other Window

This song is by Wire and appears on the album 154 (1979).

He took his seat on the foreign train
He thought it pleasant to travel again
Mindful of the journey's end
He read again the letter from his friend
(Time passed as it often does)

The seat was hard, the carriage fetid
He was dressed for summer, but still he sweated
It was better than being at home
Feeling the cold and living alone
(Time passed slowly)

Around him, people spoke in French
Despite schooldays, it made no sense
Occasional stares caught his eye
He was tempted to smile, but
(Being shy, time passed)

When he looked through the window for the thousandth time
He saw a black horse fighting for its life
In a barbed wire fence, fatally tangled
The more it struggled, the more it strangled
(Time sped up)

He turned away, what could he do?
The other window had a nicer view

(Time passed painfully)
(Time passed painfully)
(Time passed painfully)

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