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A Cold Day in Hell (2005)Edit

WoP AColdDayInHell
A Cold Day In Hell
  1. A Cold Day in Hell
  2. Anthems of Apocalypse
  3. Legions
  4. The Day After
  5. One Body Too Many
  6. Brotherhood (feat. John Mishima)
  7. Full Chamber Roulette
  8. Pack of Wolves
  9. Tomorrow is Not a Promise
  10. Dead on the Dance Floor

Decimate the Weak (2007)Edit

WoP DecimatetheWeak
Decimate The Weak
  1. A Cold Day in Hell
  2. Anthems of Apocalypse
  3. The Impaler
  4. Decimate the Weak (feat. Sal Lococo - Sworn Enemy)
  5. Origins and Endings
  6. Angels of Debauchery
  7. Reloaded (feat. John Mishima)
  8. Unbreakable
  9. One Body Too Many
  10. Legions

The Great Stone War (2009)Edit

WOP - The Great Stone War
The Great Stone War
  1. Earth
  2. Forged In Fire (feat. Martin Stewart - Terror)
  3. Soldiers Of Doomsday
  4. Approach The Podium
  5. Battle Scars
  6. Chest And Horns (feat. John Mishima)
  7. Creed Of Tyrants
  8. Our Requiem
  9. Classic Struggle (feat. Mitch Lucker † - ex-Suicide Silence)
  10. The Great Stone War
  11. Tides Of Change

Against the World (2011)Edit

Winds Of Plague - Against the World
Against the World
  1. Raise The Dead
  2. One For The Butcher
  3. Drop The Match
  4. Built For War (feat. Jamey Jasta - Hatebreed)
  5. Refined In the Fire (feat. Mattie Montgomery - For Today)
  6. The Warrior Code (feat. The Ultimate Warrior)
  7. Against The World
  8. Monsters (feat. Drew York - Stray From The Path)
  9. Most Hated
  10. Only Song We're Allowed to Play in Church Venues
  11. California (feat. Martin Stewart - Terror, John Mishima)
  12. Strength To Dominate

Resistance (2013)Edit

Winds Of Plague - Resistance
  1. Open the Gates of Hell
  2. Say Hello to the Undertaker
  3. Sewer Mouth (featuring Vincent Bennett)
  4. Left for Dead
  5. One Foot in the Grave
  6. Time to Reap
  7. United Through Hatred
  8. Good Ol' Fashion Bloodbath
  9. No Man Is My Master
  10. Snake Eyes

Additional information

Artist information:

The band's name is derived from a section of lyrics in the Unearth song "Endless".

Years active:


Band members:
  • Jonathan Cooke - Vocals
  • Nick Eash - Guitar
  • Nick Piunno - Guitar
  • Alana Potocnik - Keyboard
  • Andrew Glover - Bass
  • Brandon Galindo - Drums
Former members:
  • Josh Blackburn - Guitar
  • Brandon Pitcher - Keyboard
  • Corey Fine - Drums
  • Kevin Grant - Bass
  • Chris Cooke - Keyboard
  • Jeff Tenney - Drums
  • Matt Feinman - Keyboard
  • Kirsten Randall - Keyboard
  • Art Cruz - Drums
Record labels:

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