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Send Me

This song is by Winans Phase 2 and appears on the album We Got Next (1999).

Now part of living right
Is being prepared to fight
That means there's gonna be sleepless nights
In this walk with Christ
But Lord you know
Anytime day or night I'll go
Even if my own mother says no
Anywhere you lead I'll follow
If you need somebody Lord, I'll go
If nobody else wants to go
I'm saying Lord, it's all right send me
I'll be glad to go

And let the whole world know
What it takes to be saved for sure
And that they must endure
With my word in hand
I'll spread it through the lands
With the power of prayer I can
Reach the souls of man
And for the ones that don't believe
That I will be where he leads me
Even if I have to fall down on my kness
It's all right with me, I'll follow thee

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