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Watermelon Man

This song is by Willis Alan Ramsey and appears on the album Willis Alan Ramsey (1972).

Home I don't want your pork chops
I don't want your turnip greens
I think that I'll pass up the cornbread
'Cause a piece of watermelon is what I need.

And it's so strong 'cause it's been so long
Since I've tasted that dear forbidden fruit.
And my heart sighs as I realize
That that watermelon time is a-gettin' due
And I'm a watermelon man

I can see you, bright eyes
I can see your smile

What more could I ask
What more could I ask

Let's go find the covers
Back porch summer's dream
I can't think of many others
That can eat their watermelon the way that they please

And it's a new day,
Watermelons waste away,
And the sun is startin' to rise up over the hill
But it's all right
I haven't lost my appetite
And you know that I'm eatin' those wasted watermelons still
Yes, I am
And I'm a watermelon man
Yes, I'm a watermelon man.

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