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Rag Baby

This song is by Willie Baker and appears on the split compilation album Charley Lincoln & Willie Baker (1927-1930) (1992) by Charley Lincoln and Willie Baker.

I used to have a baby, used to have a baby
I ain't got no baby now

My baby left me, my baby left me

Yonder she goes, sweep broom in her hand, sweep me off for another man
Yonder go my baby now

Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye, baby

Seed her when she caught the train, seed her when she caught that train

Now I'm all alone, sittin' by the telephone

I'm gonna write me a letter, to my little baby
"Baby, won't you come home?"

I'm gonna find me a baby, find me a baby
Babe, baby now

Bye-bye, honey, bye-bye, honey

Don't you think you done me wrong? Don't you think you done me wrong?

I don't need no baby, I don't need no baby
Baby won't do right

I received a letter, I received a letter
From my little old baby child

Yonder she come, yonder she come, oh Lordy, yonder she come
Baby, baby child

Now I'm all alone, here by the telephone
Got no baby now




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