Men In Black: The Album (1997)

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Movie soundtrack by various artists.
  1. Men in Black by Will Smith
  2. We Just Wanna Party With You by Snoop Dogg (featuring Jermaine Dupri)
  3. I'm Feelin' You by Ginuwine
  4. Dah Dee Dah (Sexy Thing) by Alicia Keys
  5. Just Cruisin' by Will Smith
  6. The 'Notic by The Roots (featuring D'Angelo)
  7. Make You Happy by Trey Lorenz
  8. Escobar '97 by Nas
  9. Erotik City by Emoja
  10. Same Ol' Thing by A Tribe Called Quest
  11. Killing Time by Destiny's Child
  12. Waiting for Love by 3T
  13. Chanel No. Fever by De La Soul
  14. Some Cow Fonque (More Tea, Vicar?) by Buckshot LeFonque
  15. M.I.B. Main Theme by Danny Elfman
  16. M.I.B. Closing Theme by Danny Elfman
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