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Hang On Lucy

This song is by Wildside and appears on the album Under The Influence (1992).

Standin' on the corner
Lookin' some Hollywood queen
Sellin' her soul to the world
Since she was just sixteen

Friday night and the stakes are high
She's got a lot of money to earn
Workin' the streets till the crack of dawn
Workin' till her bod burns, burns, burns

Hang on Lucy, hang on tight
Johnny's gonna give you some love tonight
Hang on Lucy, hang on tight
Twenty-five bucks a fuck tonight

Now Lucy got paid and busted by the policeman
Doin't time ain't easy for a one night stand

Cheap talkin' mutha with a story to tell
Hang on Lucy, hang on tight
Retail slut with a body for sale
C'mon baby, don't say maybe tonight...

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