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Who Ho Ho Ho

This song is by Wildbirds & Peacedrums and appears on the album The Snake (2009).

Who ho ho I am with you. I am you morning and
You are my morning light. let's wake together. meet the
Darkness together. feel the hours expand and lick them
Day. this is the day we wake up. wake up to the living
Dead. let's marry and move town. to where the grass is
Greener. we can cut the land open and steal its basis.
To keep it secure from the rest. to hide it from the old
Man. to hide it from the brown. to hide it from the talk.
Let's be reborn in bliss. wouldn't you want that. a bliss-
Ful morning with me. I'll heat you some tea.


Written by:

Andreas Werlin & Mariam Wallentin

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