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The Drop

This song is by Wildbirds & Peacedrums and appears on the album Rivers (2010).

To make a lover understand the meaning of an end
Letting go of the moment
The strong belief that your heart will mend
Trying to avoid the disappointment

Of suddenly being left all alone
Like waking up in a foreign country
Your language cannot stand by its own
And you're realising Oh God I'm lonely

In the morning light you feel at ease
Like you control your view and your emotion
The softest skin to touch them on the least
Like you could keep her close for now or never

Like the beating of the drum that never stops
The sound of wings made out of paper
Balancing a cloud on a mountain top
Like your hearts been reshaped just for her

Oh is she a passion is too fragile to see
But so strong to feel
To fall right into
And a passion becomes a lifetime disease
When all your fear is shining right through

Like the rolling of the thunder in the sky
When your belief is sinking lower
And the stillness when the moon is high
Is a moment when your hope is over.


Written by:

Mariam Wallentin

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