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​So Soft So Pink

This song is by Wildbirds & Peacedrums and appears on the album The Snake (2009).

So soft pink the sky was. he had his hand in my knee.
This evening nothing could fall down on me and him.
We did everything so slow. on the radio a choir was
Singing. prayers and hope. and now was the time.
The gentle snow was slowly dying on the ground.
We dig deep in the soil and in the smell of the earth.
White world. I wonder about you, you increase like I
Do, devoted I am. a soon grown-up woman, with a
Young-blooded man. and many colours within. so let us
Not talk about the past. the descending voices when we
Dare to fall in each others arms. there is nothing to say
About history.

Written by:

Andreas Werlin & Mariam Wallentin