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​Liar Lion

This song is by Wildbirds & Peacedrums and appears on the album The Snake (2009).

There is a lie out there with its liar. trying to hide but
No way. there is a man who lost his umbrella. it either
Melted or it rained away. the way a truth becomes a
Lie. the way a man will lose his pride. there is some-
Thing ugly and there is something pretty. but in the end
He will just lose. he will lose his shield and honour.
He will lose his wife and children cause on one will
Believe him now. a man with no pride. a wolf hunting
A sheep. the yell from the shepherd is melting in this
Heat. the way a truth becomes a lie. the way a man will
Lose his pride.

Written by:

Andreas Werlin & Mariam Wallentin