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This song is by Wild Strawberries and appears on the album Bet You Think I'm Lonely (1994).

Little sister Judy says, "Whoa baby whoa What about my reputation?"
She cracks a smile turns on the radio
It's the Zombies singing you make me feel so good
And she says, "Don't call me Judy don't call me Sam
Don't call me anything till you know who I am."
I have been around this little old world
I have been upside down
And I think it's a mannequin
Hanging on a merry go round
He says to Judy, "I will do anything if I want to."
He says it like he means it
He says it like he's said it before
Now please don't get the wrong impression
I'm no left handed narrator looking for confession
I'm just keeping score
I have seen your second face
And I have touched your broken mace
I have held you once too often
Hey... hey... hey oh
Well there you go

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