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How Long

This song is by Wild Strawberries.

Gunther told me it would take one week
I knew for sure that he was lying
How long
Well I went to see my doctor
Only she was crying twice as much as me
How long
They say suicide is painless
But I'd like to disagree
I've watched my country cut her veins
I've seen her civilized o.d.
And Thomas More he signals me
With foreign wars and razor-blades
All I can say is how long
How long
Forgive me this intrusion
You're my only consolation
As my people cry with me how long
I don't mean to be exploitive
But my God I know you're listening
And I know that you are crying here with me
When the vicar shot the stranger
We assumed his good intentions
When the stranger shot
We pronounced him dead
There's a part of me that's empty
When the world has stopped its shaking
There's a part of me that wants it all to end

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