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This song is by Wide Mouth Mason and appears on the album Shot Down Satellites (2005).

It's a lazy afternoon on the eastside of Saskatoon
I've been waiting all day for you to come see me
Do you want to try and make believe
That I'll never have to leave?
Or maybe we just agree that it's hopeless.

Your lips are moving, say it louder
Tell me what you're in or out of
What are you afraid about
Let me hear it from your mouth
Tell me why you're holding out and in hiding
'Cause I'm unfolding
You're not showing and I can't take anymore silent fighting

When I saw you the other day I knew you'd run away
And that'd be the only way that you'd make it
I wouldn't even really mind if you told me what you decided
But when I try to remember your signs
I'm blanking
There's a bomb in your brain
Ticking out of your mouth
And every second I wait
Is bringing you closer to blowing
Me out of the way

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