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Oily Cheeks

This song is by Whose Line Is It Anyway? Cast.

Today is the day that I cleaned the dirt from my face
Can you feel it on your skin?

Look at your complexion
I can see my own reflection
We've only got two weeks
To get this oil off our cheeks!

This has-a medicated oh so slightly
And they will take the oil off (ah ah ah ah ah)

Give me some pad that I can wipe upon my face (oh oh oh oh oh oh)
I want these zits to simply be erased

Oily cheeks, I clean for weeks and weeks
And finally we shall be free from all the dirt again

And then our skin will be so clear
So we can march from there to here

And oh from here, we shall be
We shall be clean!
We shall be clean!
And there will be no oily cheeks

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