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Family Reunion Hoedown

This song is by Whose Line Is It Anyway? Cast.

Every family reunion is such an awful night
It's my whole family getting in a fight
Then later on they try and do a dance
But it's not a family reunion 'til my uncle drops his pants

Don't like talking about my family
No siree, Bob, that's not the subject for me
But let me ask you a question, tell me, Jack
Am I adopted? 'Cause the rest of my family's black

A family reunion about which I'm about to sing
Strange things are always happening
I went to see my favorite uncle but he was not there
He had an operation, now he is my Aunt Claire

I want to see my relatives, but don't you know it's not right?
Every time we get together all we do is fight
I want to see my family, but don't you know I can't?
We are from the south and my sister is my aunt

My sister is my aunt!

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