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Drinking Hoedown

This song is by Whose Line Is It Anyway? Cast.

I can't find my car keys, 'cause I'm so full of booze
I smell just like vodka, I just threw up on my shoes
I don't even know where I've put my pants
So I'm just going to wear a lampshade, and run around and dance

Well, making up songs in a hoedown puts me to the test
And to tell you really frankly, I'm not at my best
I'd do better, I could really think
But ABC, well, they don't let me drink

The other day while playing golf, I had a lot to drink
As I reached the first tee, I could barely think
I hit the ball really hard, the guy is barely alive
Which just goes to prove, if you drink, don't drive

I got naked in a bar, I took off all my clothes
How I ever got that drunk, nobody knows
I passed out naked on the bar, I only had a sip
The waitress came to clean up, and I said "Keep the tip"

I said "keep the tip"!

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