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Call On Me

This song is by Whitesnake and appears on the album Good To Be Bad (2008).

Well bless my soul what's wrong with me?
My body's shaking like a willow tree
Call on me baby when you need a hand
I'll give you something that you'll understand

'Cause I can turn back the hands of time
And make you mine sweet and fine
I can call on the hands of love
To chase you down and bring you home

Every day and every night
I spend all my time just trying to treat you right
Call on me baby if you feel like crying
I'll be there beside you ain't no denying

Well bless my soul what's a man to do?
I'm all shook up because I'm losing you
Call on me baby when you need my love
I'll stay with you darling till you've had enough


Written by:

David Coverdale; Doug Aldrich

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