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All For Love

This song is by Whitesnake and appears on the album Good To Be Bad (2008).

I don't mind if you want to talk about the weather
I don't mind if you don't want to talk at all
If you don't mind a little friendly persuasion
And you don't mind me trying to find you secret door

Come on baby let me stand close to your door
Girl I know you've heard it all before
Tou're my one and only sweet infatuation
Hear me crying out and begging you for more

I'm going to tear this place apart just to get close to you
Tear down any wall if that's what I have to do to get next to you

I do it all for love
I do it all for love
I do it all for love
I'm going to crawl for love

In the distance I see thunderbolts and lightning
Girl I know you're coming back in town
You're my one and only fatal attraction
Babe I know you're going to take me down

Written by:

David Coverdale; Doug Aldrich

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