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​One Man's Burden

This song is by Whispered and appears on the album Shogunate Macabre (2014).

Stained he feels, as the day turns to night
The man once strong, feared and bold, now just tired, weak and old
Past is haunting his trail to the end
The walls laugh at his grief, the wraiths of past haunt him so deep

He writes the words of regret,
For every victim of his blade, for every selfish act of hate
Hours of terror, the screams of the innocent
Murders unordered, will follow him to the grave

Last days of this man unforgiven
His heart starts to understand
Honouring the dead is to live again
But the one man's burden remains.

Heavens wear black, his mind won't rest
The water he drinks runs rotten, the eyes of the other impale him.
Left alone in the end! Darkness surrounds him
To end his life as a warrior, he reaches the sword he used to hold

Last days of this man unforgiven
His heart start to understand
To honour the dead is to die as well,
Will the one man's burden still remain
In death?

Confused soul, The moment for final blow,
The steal grows cold in the old man's hands, his thoughts are a raving storm.