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Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood

This song is by Wendy Matthews and appears on the album The Witness Tree (1994).

As gentle tides go rolling by,
Along the salt sea strand.
Their colours blend and roll as one
Together in the sand.

And often do, the winds entwine
Do send their distant call.
The quiet joys of brotherhood.
And love is lord of all.

The oak and weed together rise.
Along the common ground.
The mare and stallion light and dark.
Have thunder in their sound.
The rainbow sign, the blended flower,
Still have my heart enthralled
The quiet joys of brotherhood
And love is lord of all.

But man has come to plow the tide
The oak lies on the ground.
I hear their fires in the fields
They drive the stallion down.
The roses bleed both light and dark.
The winds do seldom call.
The running sands recall the time,
When love was lord of all.

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