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Poop Ship Destroyer

This song is by Ween and appears on the album Pure Guava (1992) and on the album Paintin' The Town Brown: Ween Live (1990-1998) (1999).

Let me lock in the system at Warp 2
Push it on into systematic overdrive, you know what to do

Let's cruise past all the golden poo
That makes me blue
This thing gonna ? ? ? ?* on the...

Poopship, poopship destroyer
On the poopship, poopship destroyer

Let me jam all the frequencies on channel 2
I've been chewin' on this brownie
And I thinks I'm almost through

Let's cruise, the chocolate stew was you know who
I told you to jam the frequency
This sector's chartered by you

Poopship, on the poopship destroyer
The poopship, poopship destroyer
Poo, poo, poop

* - on original lyric sheet