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Queen for a Day

This song is by Wedlock and appears on the album Continuity (2009).

You might think
I'm walking epitome
Of Colonel Klink
Borne of stupidity
I'm not your leading candidate
For organ grinder
I wear a monkey on my back
As daily reminder
So I've been told
Hot turns cold
You were only queen for a day
Young turns to old, blood into stone
Golden fades to grey
You don't blink as you sip champagne
Impervious, to a world of pain
All you wear is a child's mirage
Everywhere cracks in your visage
One thing I know
Hot turns to cold
You were only queen for a day
Young turns to old
Blood and stone
Memories fade to grey
Always room, for one more tomb
You are only queen for a day
Ask the mirror on the wall
Who was stupid after all?
No one wants to to live alone
No one wants to die alone
As the story goes
Oceans are cold
Insanity will pull you down
I know my history
You can't swim with me
Vanity will watch you drown
There's so such thing as "saved"
Your body
Won't rise from the grave
You were only queen for a day

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