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Step In, Step Out

This song is by Weddings Parties Anything and appears on the album Difficult Loves (1992).

In the morning, when from slumber you awake
You find me sleeping like a baby by your side
Get up, get out to work
'Cause there are cakes that must be baked
But if there's things that I must do,
I'd sooner let them slide

And you step out when I step in
It is a dance that is bizarre,
It is a dance that's wearing thin
And you step in, and I step out
We can't find the time for talking
Seems we find the time to shout

And late at night when I come fumbling for my keys
The house is dark and all is quiet
Get into bed, it is so hard for me to please you
Barely hours away from work and you're so tired

Some people pray for rain
Some people pray for holidays
Some people pray for money without swelter
But we just prayed for two shifts
At the same end of the day

And a life that is not quite so helter-skelter


Written by:

Mick Thomas

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