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Scorn Of The Women (1987)Edit

Weddings Parties Anything - Scorn Of The Women
Scorn Of The Women
  1. Hungry Years
  2. Ladies Lounge
  3. Lost Boys
  4. The Infanticide Of Marie Farrar
  5. She Works
  6. Scorn Of The Women
  7. Away, Away
  8. The River Is Wide
  9. Up For Air
  10. By Tomorrow
  11. Woman Of Ireland
  12. Shotgun Wedding

Roaring Days (1988)Edit

Weddings Parties Anything - Roaring Days
Roaring Days
  1. Industrial Town
  2. Under The Clocks
  3. Gun
  4. Brunswick
  5. Tilting At Windmills
  6. Sergeant Small
  7. Sisters Of Mercy
  8. Roaring Days
  9. Say The Word
  10. Missing In Action
  11. Laughing Boy
  12. Big River
  13. Summons In The Morning
  14. Morton (Song For Tex)

The Big Don't Argue (1989)Edit

Weddings Parties Anything - The Big Don't Argue
The Big Don't Argue
  1. Streets Of Forbes
  2. The Ballad Of Peggy And Cole
  3. Knockbacks In Halifax
  4. Never Again (Albion Tuesday Night)
  5. A Tale They Won't Believe
  6. House Of Ghosts (CD Only)
  7. Hug My Back
  8. The Wind And The Rain
  9. Darlin' Please
  10. Ticket In Tatts
  11. Rossarden
  12. Manana, Manana

The Weddings Play Sports (And Falcons) (1990)Edit

  1. Reckless
  2. Softly Softly
  3. Stop The Baby Talking
  4. So Young
  5. Strangers On A Train
  6. Last House On The Left

No Show Without Punch (1990)Edit

  1. Hungry Years
  2. Marie Farrar
  3. She Works
  4. Ghost Dance At Falafel Beach
  5. Away, Away
  6. Tough Time (In The Old Town Tonight)
  7. Scorn Of The Women

Difficult Loves (1992)Edit

Weddings Parties Anything - Difficult Loves
Difficult Loves
  1. Father's Day
  2. Taylor Square
  3. Difficult Loves
  4. Old Ronny
  5. Telephone In Her Car
  6. Nothin' But Time
  7. Alone Amongst Savages
  8. Rambling Girl
  9. Step In, Step Out
  10. The Four Corners Of The Earth
  11. For Your Ears Only
  12. Do Not Go Gently

King Tide (1993)Edit

  1. Monday's Experts
  2. Live It Everyday
  3. Money Cuts You Out
  4. The Rain In My Heart
  5. It Wasn't Easy
  6. Keep Talking To Me
  7. Island Of Humour
  8. Easy Money
  9. In My Lifetime
  10. Always Leave Something Behind
  11. If You Were A Cloud
  12. The Year She Spent In England
  13. Stalactites

river'esque (1996)Edit

  1. Houses
  2. Don't Need Much
  3. A Decent Cup Of Coffee
  4. The Ghosts Of Walhalla
  5. For A Short Time
  6. The Sound Of A Train
  7. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous
  8. In Your Room
  9. Lights Of Devonport
  10. The Afternoon Sun
  11. Luckiest Man
  12. Five Shows A Day
  13. Walkerville

They Were Better Live (1999)Edit

  1. Barrett's Privateers
  2. Away, Away
  3. Ticket In Tatts
  4. Monday's Experts
  5. Industrial Town
  6. Laughing Boy
  7. Sisters Of Mercy
  8. Hungry Years
  9. Tilting At Windmills
  10. Rambling Girl
  11. Under The Clocks
  12. Manana, Manana
  13. Decent Cup Of Coffee
  14. Father's Day
  15. Rain In My Heart
  16. For A Short Time

Other SongsEdit

  1. Nothing But Time
  2. Wide Open Road

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