Webb Wilder:It Came From Nashville (1986)

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Album by Webb Wilder.
  1. How Long Can She Last (Going That Fast)
  2. Horror Hayride
  3. I'm Burning
  4. Is This All There Is?
  5. Devil's Right Hand
  6. Move On Down The Line
  7. One Taste Of The Bait
  8. I'm Wise To You
  9. It Gets In Your Blood
  10. Poolside
  11. Ruff Rider
  12. Keep It On Your Mind
  13. Rock 'n Roll Ruby
  14. Samson & Delilah's Beauty Shop
  15. Cactus Planet
  16. Dance For Daddy

ICFN was re-released by Landslide Records in 2004. The following ten tracks from the original live performances were added to the newly remastered and expanded album. This latest incarnation is lovingly known as "The Deluxe Full-Grown Edition!"

  1. Adam Dread Intro
  2. Rock Therapy
  3. Who Is Webb Wilder
  4. Hole In My Pocket
  5. Webb Wilder Credo
  6. Pretty Little Lights of Town
  7. Inner Space Rap
  8. Rocket To Nowhere
  9. Steppin' Out
  10. Webb's Theme
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