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[01:08.63]Eyeballs scrape the floor
[01:15.13]Eyeballs roll over, brother
[01:18.69]Eyeballs roll over
[01:21.69]Watching, wait, stop, send message
[01:25.19]"Legs, kick, kick, legs, walk, kick out"
[01:29.00]Kick in, wait, stop, send message
[01:32.01]"Quit running"
[01:34.93]Move kids, kick, stomp
[01:38.82]Clap, clap, you're clap into clap
[01:42.19]But no one does until
[01:45.81]No one does
[01:50.00]Stop it
[02:34.64]Whatever falls to the floor don't need no stopping
[02:40.06]Whatever sinks in the dirt don't need no stomping
[02:44.82]Whatever falls to the ground
[02:46.56]Whatever sinks in the dirt, oh
[03:22.15]Stop it, stop it, they roll over you
[03:25.96]Lined against the wall and bar 'em
[03:28.89]Everyone it are in love with the floor
[03:32.97]Wait, stop, send message
[03:35.65]Wait, stop, send message
[03:39.02]"Kick it, kick it, eyes falling on you"
[03:42.83]Lined against the wall and bar 'em
[03:45.71]Everyone it are (Stop it!)