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The Pressure

This song is by Darren Hayes and Robert Conley and appears on the album We Are Smug (2009).

I really poured a tangled web
It's definitely not the straight and narrow
Not feeling tired depressed and down
But I'm not feeling inspired and able
Not reading into certain things
But I don't ignore the words you said to me
I can't focus clearly now
Maybe we should deal with all this later
No one wants to listen to me talk about my boring life
I know you're just hanging for a change

Oh, come on now
Let it go
It's gonna ruin ya
Say goodbye to California
Let it go
It's gonna ruin ya

Dreaming, wishing, praying, hoping
Asking for an observation
Time can only heal the thing you thought you broke while on vacation
No one wants to listen to you talk about your boring life
I need to send myself to outer space

Oh, Come on now
Let it go
It's gonna ruin ya
Say goodbye to California
Let it go
It's gonna ruin ya

And so goodbye to the past
You know nothing's meant to last
Place both hands on the edge
And jump off this rusty bridge
Because no one in the world could ever change my mind
It's time to fly

Say goodbye to my kids
To my multitude of sins
Say hello to the sky
And the foggy world up high
I am flying over cars and past the northern gay bars
I'm letting go

Over Fillmore and South Market
I am spinning like a rocket
(It's gonna ruin you)
It's time to say goodbye
Though I really didn't want to leave you

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