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A Beautiful Fear

This song is by We're About 9 and appears on the album Future Pilot (2014).

By Brian Gundersdorf
String arrangement by Valencio Jackson
Conducted by Pat Klink

Nikia Yung Sayre on violin
Stephanie Reissner on violin
Jackie Capecci on viola
Matthew Carroll on bass

Write it all down
The afternoon beer
The bread and the egg
The tuna I seared
Did I stay up late?
My childhood bedtime
Still resonates
In the joints of my spine
The drawings I made
The lunches I paid
And all the things
I didn't do 'cause I was afraid
Grinding my teeth
The doctor says
That's just the way
You deal with your stress

Write it all down
Every fear
This is what brought me here
Make it all work
The passion the pain
The throwaway lines
And the constant refrain

Write it all down
The sunburn I got
Falling asleep
On the slide
At the tot lot
Every grade
The groundwork I laid
My beds never made
I've never prayed
We've all made mistakes
As our strength is tested
Some go unnoticed
Some get us arrested
When you call home
There's no easy way
It turns out
There are some things you should never say

Write it all down
Every fear
This is what brought me here
It isn't all good
It just isn't clear
Which ways I should
And shouldn't have steered
So when I'm thirty-five
And I've made a good life
Will I lie awake

And if I had gone
To the conservatory
Will the lessons I learned
Do magic for me?
When I sing this song
Would it soar without flaw?
Would I find these words?
Would that skill be gone?
There's always a form
A war and a piece
A dominant chord
A tension and a release

Write it all down
Every fear
This is what brought me here
Now I laugh in the dark
And I own and respect
Everything I've survived
In retrospect, we're about 9
And the monsters appear
And we lie awake
With a beautiful fear

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