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Wayne Wonder (1990)Edit

Wayne Wonder - Wayne Wonder
Wayne Wonder
  1. Eternal Flame
  2. What Could It Be
  3. Here And Now
  4. If You Were Here
  5. One Night
  6. All This Time
  7. That Night
  8. Suspicious Minds
  9. I Need Someone
  10. Hold On

Da Vibe (2000)Edit

Wayne Wonder - Da Vibe
Da Vibe
  1. Keep Them Coming
  2. Watching You
  3. Last Night
  4. Snitches & Spies
  5. Blazing
  6. Informer
  7. Let Your Conscience Set You Free
  8. Ready To Ride
  9. Criss Pack A Boots
  10. The Best
  11. Searching Dem Searching
  12. Rainbow
  13. Joy Ride
  14. Bashment Girl

No Holding Back (2003)Edit

Wayne Wonder - No Holding Back
No Holding Back
  1. No Letting Go
  2. Bounce Along
  3. Friend Like Me
  4. Nobody But Me
  5. Glad You Came My Way
  6. Crazy Feeling (featuring Elephant Man)
  7. Definitely
  8. just Another Day
  9. Close Your Eyes
  10. My Kinda Lady
  11. The Mood Is Right
  12. Slowly But Surely
  13. Perfect Proposal
  14. Enemies (featuring Supriz)
  15. Metal & Steel (featuring Demo and Showki Ru)
  16. Saddest Day

Don't Have To (2006)Edit

Wayne Wonder - Don't Have To
Don't Have To
  1. Heal Massa God World
  2. Bonifide Love
  3. Die Without You
  4. Love Will Lead You Back
  5. Saddest Day of My Life
  6. Hey Lorna
  7. Woman a How
  8. Missing You
  9. Give My Love a Try
  10. Don't Have To
  11. Feeling Soul
  12. Heat of the Moment
  13. You Are the Reason
  14. Do You Love Me?
  15. You Send the Rain
  16. Only Human
  17. Movie Star

Foreva (2007)Edit

Wayne Wonder - Foreva
  1. Foreva Intro
  2. Again
  3. Gonna Love You
  4. Original Share My Love
  5. For My Love (featuring Trina)
  6. Between the Sheets
  7. I Still Believe
  8. Hotter Than Fire
  9. Exposed (featuring Showki-Ru)
  10. The Way You Love Me
  11. Take It Easy
  12. Love and Affection
  13. Apart
  14. God Bless You Baby
  15. Love
  16. Take It Off (featuring Mr. Chicken)

Songs Featuring Wayne WonderEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Anything Goes
  2. Baby
  3. Definatly
  4. Ebony Eyes
  5. Eyes On You
  6. Get It On
  7. Hold Me Now
  8. Informers
  9. Joyride
  10. Keep On Singing' My Song
  11. Krazy Feeling
  12. L.O.V.E.
  13. Never Leave You
  14. No Letting Go (Remix)
  15. Reunion
  16. Why You Doing It
  17. You Got Me

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