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House Song

This song is by Waylon Jennings.

This house goes on sale every Wednesday morning
It's taken off the market in the afternoon
You can buy a part of it if you want to
It's been good for me if it's been good to you

Take the grand look now, the fire is burning
Is that your reflection on the wall?
I can show you this room and some others
If you care to see this house at all

Careful up the stairs, a few are missing
I haven't had the time to make repairs
The first one is the hardest one to master
The last one I'm not really sure is there

This room once reigned with childish laughter
I come back to hear it now and again
Don't know why you're here and what you're after
In this room a part of you remains

Second floor, lady slept in waiting
Past the lantern, tiptoe in its glance
In the room are soft brown arms of shadows
This room is the hardest one to pass

Written by:

Robert Bannard; Noel Stookey

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