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Lost the Way (2004)Edit

Wax Tailor - Lost the Way
Lost the Way
  1. We Have Lost the Way (featuring Charlotte Savary and Marina Quaisse)
  2. Time to...
  3. The Twighlight
  4. Eye Drink
  5. Lost the Way

Tales of the Forgotten Melodies (2005)Edit

Wax Tailor - Tales of the Forgotten Melodies
Tales of the Forgotten Melodies
  1. Behind the Curtain (Opening)
  2. Que sera
  3. Ungodly Fruit
  4. Between Fellows
  5. Hypnosis Theme
  6. Damn That Music Made My Day
  7. Where My Heart's At
  8. Birth of a Struggle
  9. Am I Free
  10. Ringing Score
  11. I Don't Know
  12. Our Dance
  13. Stay Tuned
  14. Walk the Line
  15. A Woman's Voice
  16. Don't You Remember
  17. How I Feel
  18. Behind the Disguise (Closing)

In the Mood For Life (2009)Edit

Waxtailor inthemoodforlife
In the Mood For Life
  1. City Vapors (Opening)
  2. Dragon Chasers
  3. Already Begun (Skit)
  4. B-Boy On Wax
  5. Street Scent (Skit)
  6. No Pity
  7. Dry Your Eyes
  8. Masquerade Theme (Skit)
  9. Until Heaven Stops The Rain
  10. More Songs (Skit)
  11. Leave It
  12. Escape Theme (Skit)
  13. Go Without Me
  14. This Train
  15. Sit & Listen
  16. Fireflies
  17. Say Yes
  18. I Own You
  19. Greenfields

Dusty Rainbow From the Dark (2012)Edit

Waxtailor dustyrainbowfromthedark
Dusty Rainbow From the Dark
  1. Exordium
  2. Dusty Rainbow (featuring Charlotte Savary)
  3. Like An Hourglass
  4. Only Once (featuring Ali Harter)
  5. Heart Stop (featuring Jennifer Charles)
  6. Something Began To Glow
  7. No
  8. A Stop Motion Bloom
  9. The Sound (featuring Mattic)
  10. In The Mirror
  11. Past, Present & Future (Rock'n'roll)
  12. Not Alone
  13. Down In Flames (featuring Sara Genn)
  14. Time To Go
  15. Magic Numbers
  16. No Regret (featuring Shana Halligan)
  17. Phonovisions
  18. Into The Sky
  19. My Window (featuring Elzhi & Akua)
  20. From The Dark

Hope & Sorrow (2007)Edit

Wax Tailor - Hope & Sorrow
Hope & Sorrow
  1. Once Upon a Past
  2. The Way We Lived
  3. The Games You Play
  4. The Tune
  5. The Man With No Soul
  6. Radio Broadcast
  7. Positively Inclined
  8. Sometimes
  9. House of Wax
  10. Beyond Words
  11. To Dry Up
  12. We Be
  13. That Case
  14. There Is Danger
  15. Alien in My Belly

Live 2010 à l'Olympia (2010)Edit

Wax Tailor - Live 2010 à l'Olympia
Live 2010 à l'Olympia
Disc 1
  1. In the Mood for Live
  2. No Pity
  3. Dragon Chasers
  4. To Dry Up (featuring Charlotte Savary)
  5. Until Heaven Stops the Rain (featuring Mr Mattic)
  6. Where My Heart's At (featuring Mr Mattic)
  7. Hypnosis Theme
  8. There Is Danger
  9. The Games You Play (featuring Voice)
  10. The Man With No Soul (featuring Charlotte Savary)
  11. Fireflies
  12. Level the Sound
  13. The Tune
Disc 2
  1. Dry Your Eyes
  2. Go Without Me
  3. I Own You
  4. House of Wax
  5. B-Boy on Wax
  6. Seize the Day (featuring Charlotte Savary)
  7. Que sera
  8. Guaranteed
  9. Say Yes
  10. This Train
  11. Our Dance
  12. Positively Inclined
  13. Leave It

By Any Beats Necessary (2016)Edit

Wax Tailor - By Any Beats Necessary
By Any Beats Necessary
  1. Hit the Road (Intro)
  2. I Had a Woman
  3. For the Worst (featuring IDIL)
  4. Back on Wax (featuring R.A. The Rugged Man, Token and A-F-R-O)
  5. My Burn (featuring Sara Genn)
  6. Ecstasy
  7. The Chase (featuring Raashan Ahmad and Mattic)
  8. Clock Tick
  9. The Road Is Ruff (featuring Lee Fields)
  10. Bleed Away (featuring Tricky and Charlotte Savary)
  11. Diggin Saloon
  12. Buckwild (featuring IDIL)
  13. Worldwide (featuring Ghostface Killah)
  14. The Phonograph

Other SongsEdit

  1. Diferente

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