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New Crack

This song is by Wax and appears on the album Scrublife Mixtape (2011).

We got a million views
Bout to drink a billion brews
In honor of the millionth view of this New Crack video
3 years ago I put it up there
I had to do a little recording

(1st Verse)
Yo coming to you live and direct from the belly of the Sentra
It's big Wax, Dunny, and I'm at it again, bro
I park when I spit not to press my luck
'Cause I ain't got no insurance and if I wreck I'm fucked
But when I ride beats, you couldn't deny that
Cause you could use every syllable as a high hat
Rewind that
And you'll find that
To rhyme that
I just spit was perfect
Reverse it, half it double time that
Anyway you want it, fam
Ask my momma, man
You could see a Mic in my sonogram
I got my first tooth in the booth
And I wrote my first hook in a coloring book
And back then, my rhymes was outside the line
And still are, Phones lose reception when I kill bars
I heard your shit, my ear's still scarred
Should've turned it down like opening a pill jar
Fuck Jake, We gon' wake and bake
I make papes when I battle all you fakes for cake
But now it's time for a station break
We wilding out!


(2nd Verse)
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo eh yo
Hey yo, spitting lyrics over this music, that is my calling
Rappers stepping to me eventually they be falling
East coast, to the West coast, U-hauling
King of San Diego, last name should be Stahlman
Now I reside in Hollywood
Your girl called me milk cause your boy did her body good
Yeah, she got the calcium
But she really couldn't tell cause her mouth be numb
She like:
[Onomatopoeia of a girl attempting to talk whilst
Her mouth is numb from dick sucking]
She's always down
She reminds me of the teacher from Charlie Brown
I'm just a musical genius
With a beautiful penis
And magical balls
Tickle in them vaginal walls
Ladies sit back and applause
Right after you cum I spit tight, lick right
Call me Dracula tongue
A yo, it's mind blowing when I'm flowing
You couldn't find
No one who be showing the skills that I'm showing
Mike throw it like a boomerang
Come back with stupid slang
If that, you couldn't understand
Call me Pootie Tang
Yeah, I might as well say sadate
Mexicans give me props I'm like:
De nada, guey
Youtube search, when you come across Wax
You'll see that I'm fire like Taco Bell sauce packs
I gloss tracks with high frequency audio polishing
When you hear it you will all be astonished
And your thoughts of what an MC should be
They will all be demolished
And from then on you will call me the hottest
Motherfucker that you've seen at a show perform
And I'm the
Sole cause of global warming
My shit is like Aww ish, Aww ish
You're shit is just (snores)
For real he crowd's getting sleepy, B
But when I'm on stage is like they're on PCP
They like: Do that thing, do that thing
My favorite genre of music is New Jack Swing, fucka'
Whatever happen to that?
I used to like hearing motherfuckers rapping to that
You know I'll take you little fools
Way back to middle school, science class
Bunsen burners BLAOW I'll fry your ass
Do not try to pass me like monopoly go
I'll show cats how to properly flow
A yo, let me explain
Wax is the nickname
Back with the spit game
Classic as Rick James
Back when he sniffed caine
Smacking the shit stained
To the mid frame
Of you bastards that spit lame

God damn, shit's still going out to my brother Herbal T
He's back from Rio, but let's go
Check it out, yo

(3rd Verse)
The way that we be packaging this flavor and bars
You'd be like, "Wax, do you work for either Quaker or Mars?"
I work the bass and the treble like the faders in cars
And won't stop spitting sick until y'all haters get SARS
Y'all think I'm dumb as shit
Just 'cause I spit strictly for the love of it
I already gave up on the government
Not trying to change the world, just making fun of it
And I ain't scared of the terrorists
Fuck all that, illegal immigrants?
I love y'all cats, come on over
Take a plane, walk, take a boat
What the fuck do I care, fam, I don't vote
There's two things that I care about: love and rhythm
And the people that I meet and the love within them
And the beat goes on from the winter to the summer
Cause time, it ain't nothing, but a go-go drummer
And the feeling in his wrist make you nod your fist
Make you realize God exists
'Cause if he didn't then how would we have this rhythm?
It don't make no sense to me
The way that we split time up so exactly
Without some time of stop watch technology
And I'm just saying, fam
The shit that I vow for
Fuck Iraq, hip hop I die now for
So if you mad that I'm styling on you
Be glad if the Cal is on you
Cause you gon' have to kill me before I stop wildin' on you
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