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This song is by Wax and appears on the album Scrublife Mixtape (2011).

Mary and her mom, they ain't never really had much
Never met her dad, she was sad and such
She got bused to school in a good neighborhood
But the kids didn't treat her like a good neighbor would
Man, harassin' her for the clothes that her mom supplied
The first couple times they did it, she cried
After a while she'd take in stride
Walking down hall between classes, she'd let it all slide
Swallowing her pride to the point that it was full eaten
After school getting bullied and beaten
But to her mom, she made none of it known
She figured that her mother already had enough problems of her own
She came home one day to a new face
A man in her living room unpacking his suit case
Her mom said he's going to stay with us for a while
At the news, Mary cracked a smile
She figured he'd be like a dad or maybe an older brother
He can stay as long as he likes she told her mother
And at first it was kinda nice
Everybody got along for the most parts just a couple minor fights
But as the months went on it got worse
If he didn't get his way he'd scream and curse
Mary never knew this was how a father behaved
It was less father and daughter and more master and slave
All the money mom saved he would blow getting bent
Broke open her piggy bank, stole every cent
He would come home drunk and snort lines in the living room
Openly some nights he lost control totally
He'd grab her mom by the neck and ice grill her
And tell her that if she ever left him he would kill her
And Mary would listen all alone from her room shaking
Too much for a little girl to take in
But the worse of it all was yet to come
The new habit he developed was a devilish one
She ain't know what he was doing but she knew it wasn't right
When he came into her room in the middle of the night
Man, she started keeping something in her night stand
Something she found in the kitchen by the frying pan
She was in a new mental state
Ready to release all of the anger and pent up hate
And she swore when he came to her door
She wouldn't take it lying down like she had before
She kept the knife in the drawer with the handle sticking out
Next time he came in she chickened out
So she decided she would hide it in a place much closer
Somewhere she could grab it as soon as he approached her
Put it under the pillow and she was ready
The next time he came in she wielded it like a machete
You could tell by the way that she swung that she had practiced
Shadow stabbing in her mirror for the past six weeks
Her confidence level had peaked
The first slice to the dick then she stabbed him in the cheek
And she didn't stop stabbing even when he stopped screaming
Still stabbing and sticking even when he stopped breathing
Her mom ran in and she screamed in horror
As she slipped and she fell on the blood-covered floor
Screaming Mary!
Stick em! Ha Ha Ha! Stick Em!
Stick em! Ha Ha Ha! Stick Em!
Stick em! Ha Ha Ha! Stick Em!
Ma, Ma, Ma, Mom I'm done being a victim

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