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Elements Swing

This song is by Wax and appears on the album Scrublife Mixtape (2011).

C'mon, baby baby
C'mon, baby baby
C'mon, baby baby
C'mon, baby baby
Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch check it out

It's like this and a... (and ya don't stop)
It's like that and a... (and ya don't quit)
It's like this and a... (and ya don't stop)
It's like that-tha-tha-that-tha-that-that... (and ya don't...)

(Verse 1: Wax)
Check it out, man
It ain't nothin' you can bear with
Above y'all swinging like skis that be danglin' from the chairlift
Airlift cruise to the hoes-pital-
We belittle
Y'all dues to the most possible level of embarrassment imaginable
Be civil, be fashionable
Get there late
Then get scared straight
By a hungry duo who don't ever get their plate
On time, 'bout to fight for your prime
Rib loose bib but I'm tight with the rhyme
Any cypher that I'm in
Stifles your mind, in the Gram' all dance-off sight will define our swing style
We just do our thing while
Y'all sling piles of shit at us, we ridiculous
We told you that on Liquid Courage
And that's some speech slurrage we stick wit'

Throw your hands in the air like it ain't no thing
Cause it ain't no thing without the Elements swing!
The Elements swing, the Elements swing
It's the... swing that my man Elements bring!

(Verse 2: Wax)
Skilled heat gettin' spewed from the vocal cords
Giving chilled feet to the crews that we open for
E builds beats makin' dudes wanna focus more
On their craft while we chill in our lawn chair rafts
Cupholders on both sides
Y'all's mental battles are rental paddle boat rides
Ride the beat like slide guitar note slides
Fretboard guides, with a quote: "Just glides."
It's the bottle-neck linguist
With a king twist
Real squaddle, get rings kissed
Gotta bring this till it can't be brung no
More, fuck a score - we just doin' it for fun, yo'
Mad rappers
Try to battle 'em, we laugh at y'all
After all, this is just music - have a ball
That's just what we 'bout
Swing batter-batter
Swing batter, strike three - OUT

(Verse 3: Herbal T)
Elements got swing like sets kids play on
Outside the lines like reckless crayons
Check this today on your iPod touch
And you'll never hear your girl say "Oh my God" so much
She keeps sayin' that we verbally orgasmic
Doesn't matter if it's Herbal T or Wax with
E what we do is sure to be pure classic
Finishing first like the turtle before rabbit
Slow and steady is the pace to win a race
Up in the place, wasted
We lounge like Chase
So y'all can scream till your face turns red we-
-Calmly kill it till the place turns dead
It's Herbal T, motherfucker - flow sickening
Hot like a buffalo chicken wing
Got these whack MC's in front of the show picketing
Wanna protest - it's unfair, we flow so fresh, man

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