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L'Eau Dormant

This song is by Wave Tank.

-"Isn't it invited
The person you long in the mirror
Wake me up silently, in the silence of your bedroom.."

She feels all the answers (sees all the ashes)
He feels all the ways (feels all the weeds)
The burden to come in and see you
Was seeing your face
She touches my nerves and I shiver
She knows though I cannot shake
I'm breaking out and will be forgotten
But I ll return anyway

-"..And now you are gone
'Cause I am back
U know where I didn't go."
The reason of dimensioning the dragon
She feels he ll warm in her soul

She sees the target locked away
The person is slammed inside the closet
Becomes this man that lives serial pain
And his dark eyes reflect to the solid.
The sun is dancing but wont last
The moon will rise up above
The sun at dawn will enchant the pure mud
The one I wear to my love.


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