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Run My Mouth

This song is by Watsky and appears on the album Guilty Pleasures (2009).

I tend to vent a lot. it's hard to end a thought
I get pent up and I guess I don't know when to stop
If I get a mental block, you can hear a pencil drop
But if not I'm all talk like a rent a cop
I don't wanna mock
Ever yet I let it slip
Said I gotta get a grip
'Cause I know you're delicate
And I'm pretty adament
I can learn some ettiquette
Bet on it that I can talk a book and never edit it
Seldom elegant, guilty of embellishing
Yelling but I'm holding shit together like I'm gelatin
Everyone's selfish and jealous, I'm hella slim
But I gotta bigger mouth than a pelican
Check a fella sing, messing up the melody
I know my alphabet, A to Elemopee
I like you, it's shouldn't be shocking
My heart's beating just as loud as I'm talking
Danny: I know you know
I know you know
Sometimes I say things
I don't quite mean
George: don't be alarmed
I mean no harm
Danny: Ca-a-a-a-an't I run my mouth?

I'm a fast talker
Louder than a brass knocker,
Cricket or a grasshopper
Not another. word
I don't want to ass kiss
Sniffing like a mastiff
That'll be my last ditch
Effort to be. heard
Take me as a hostage
I'm feeling lost
With my neck out like an ostrich
Totally absurd
I squawk like a bird
Cause my clumsy heart feels like it's doing cartwheels
Put me in a dunce cap
Treat me like a hunchback
Say my mind is one track
Every single. day
Call my mug a megaphone
I don't beg and moan
If I get in bed alone
I don't want to say
You're forgiven briefly
If I call you sweet pea
Then you say to eat me

And I don't know which way
I've had a taste and I know you're gourmet
An argument's just the makeup foreplay
Danny: Listen
Calm down
Hear me
Watch your mouth
That stung
Give me lip
Bite my tongue
I'd say
Stop it (that)
But we both
Talk shit (trash)
How about we work it out?

Chorus after Bridge
Danny: You know, I know
You know I know
Sometimes You say things
You don't quite mean
George: I'm not alarmed
If you mean no harm
Danny: Go ahead and ru-u-un your mouth

Take the silent type, gimme the opposite
You look so damn sexy when you're talking shit
Every time I want to say to put a sock in it
I melt again and buy your ass a box of chocolate
I guess that's why they call me georgie porgie puddin' pie
Before I kiss my girl I put her on a sugar high
And then we cry after a little old 'how are you?'
Turns into an argument I bet'll scar you
Is it hard to always have to complain
Taking something mundane and give yourself a tongue sprain?
You talk about your day and go off for a year
And I could walk away or hold the phone off of my ear
I don't love what I hear, but I've got to stay
Cause man, smart girls have a lot to say
I want to shout with someone that I'm down with
There's no one I'd rather run my mouth with

Chorus (fade out)

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