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​Fight! Fight! Fight!

This song is by Watsky and appears on the album Guilty Pleasures (2009).

Chorus (Talkbox)
If you don't like me
And it's looking likely
I don't like you
You'll have to fight me
If you don't ease u
Then roll your sleeves up
And we can meet outside right now

Spun a web of lies, took notes from charlotte
Throw a red herring, paint the white house scarlet
Pennsylvania ave was the last red carpet
Then Bush relapsed like a rehabbed starlet
(I feel carsick) Stop the Paris Hilton carousel
Hot as hell it smells like kerosene and caramel
America's flaring and we're carrying a parasols
Paranoid of terror cells parents scared of aerosols
Said if you care at all
Fight for the ones who fall
Fight for the ones who can't
Fight for the one for the all
And fight for the ones who rep (yes)
For the one percent
At the bottom
And against the one two one two step
For ones who come correct
I don't want to sit back
With a big mac and a rack of natty ice
Six pack in my lap
Skinemax on blast
Sticking to the facts of life

(Right) said If you're taller better follow who you're stepping on
'Cause I'll be brawling like the fighting Irish leprechaun
Verse 2 (Dahlak)

I don't need a chart to see
That I look hard to me
No Chardonay pumping through my arteries
My heart'll say
I should take the harder way
If I got a part to play, I won't make it Bartleby
At least this Starter T is feeling like an armor piece
The cloth is guarding me
Like it's righteous artistry
So far to lead us to indagadenevita
To seeking god in your freedom
To god I gotta lead a vida bonita
Cause see to lead a beautiful life
Is more than eating, sleeping and meeting suitable wife
You gotta fight!
While luda's throwing bows in A-town
I'll be throwing blows like little children on the playground
Hey now, you should know the bay
Seeming sorta tame
We can go insane
If you're on lower plane like when a boeing lands
My fist detaches at the wrist
So I'll be throwing hands